Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today's a new day

It's Friday Junior, friends.  We made it.  (Friday junior-ie, Thursday is a little nickname given to the almost weekend of the work week.  once you get to Thursday, you know you're almost there, and you can get through the rest of the work week)

When I say we made it, I really mean I made it.  And just barely.  I had a really rough day yesterday.  between work, and life, there was more than one moment when I wanted to just stop and scream and disappear.  But of course none of that happened.  Instead I tried to survive the work day.  I feel fortunate that I share and office with a very level headed lady that keeps me in check. 

Anyhow, on really shitty days, there are a few things I need to do to make myself feel better.  One of them involves some alone time.  I prefer this time to also spent on a bicycle, but a couch in an empty apartment will work too. 

Leaving work yesterday, I was so so grateful that I rode my bike.  Not only was it real nice out, I needed my 20 minute commute to unwind a bit.  On these rides I tend to play out conversations in my head, think about things I'd like to do different next time, places I wish I were right now (ie: Hawaii) and just take in the fresh air.  Last nights commute really helped bring me back to real life.  But who am I kidding, as soon as I walked in my front door, I had to unload, and cry a little bit too.  But you know what, it made me feel better.

And this morning when I woke up at 4:30 (because Parker was crying at me and it was 430 and he had to go out and poop because he wouldn't last night because the sidewalks were all puddley and he is turning into an old man) I went outside and the air was amazing.  there was fog everywhere and it felt like it was 35 degrees out, if not warmer.  I knew (after I slept a few more hours)that the day was going to be better than yesterday.  And so far, it has been.  My ride in was amazing.  It's like 45 degrees out, all the yucky snow is melting, you can see the (DIRTY) roads again, and in general have more room on the road to move.  The highlight of my ride in-going over the Mississippi.  It was so foggy, you couldn't even see 10 feet out.  it was pretty breath taking.

While I know it isn't *really* the end of winter, I feel like I survived the worst of it. To that I say HAAZAA Winter!  I BEAT YOU!!!!! I hope all your other Mpls(and I guess St Paul) cyclists are feeling the same way!

scream from here
fog from here